Past Cases for New Evidence

Middle Temple Law Library

This library was very different from any of the others that we


Law Library

had seen before, between the set up and the decor.  It was fairly narrow compared to the other libraries we had seen but much brighter, with green marble columns and green and white flooring.


One of the interesting things that we were told is that one of the reasons the law library is use, and the collection they keep is so vast, is that if a crime is committed in the 1970’s, and is then tried in trial in present day, they have to abide by the
laws in the 1970’s.

Walking through the library and the past smoking room,
down a long hallway filled with crests, and into the most elaborate dining room I had ever seen.  Dark wood with grand carvings and filled with crest, similarly to the hallway.  The crests are representative of the people that are honored to be included as a member of the Middle Temple, it is an honor to be included in this membership.

It was great to see a different style of library, and see what they, as law librarians, do to provide them with the best resources and collection available.

image2 (1)

Main Dining Table reserved for Members


image1 (1)

Middle Temple Dining Room


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