Allen Ginsberg and Shakespeare

Maughan Library at Kings College

The Maughan Library has a collection that spans from the 15th century to the present day, and this collection has a wide variety of materials from maps to poems.  One of the most interesting and probably influential to our generation is a poem written on a body bag, in regards to the crisis for refugees.

This collection isn’t entirely based on how old an item is or where it came from, but they include unique aspects that are in an item, such as a note or signature.  Such as a book of Allen Ginsberg Collected Poems, that has drawings and personalized notes on the title page.


Drawing and Signature of Allen Ginsberg




Early Map of North and South America











On the next part of the tour we were shown the main part of the library that houses the check out area, that includes self check out terminals and the student help desk for the campus.  In the exhibit area of the library they are holding a Shakespeare inspired exhibit, for the 400th anniversary of his death.

What was interesting about this exhibit is that they did not focus on Shakespeare’s life but what was happening during his life time.  Along with this we got an inside look about how to set up an exhibit and what kind of effort goes into it.  Between getting the materials needed, because some have to be borrowed, actually placing the material in the cases,  and then writing up the excerpts that the public reads when looking at the exhibit.  There’s a lot that goes into setting up an entire exhibit, but it came out great!


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