Land Ahoy!

National Maritime Museum Library

eh1211481_national_maritime_museum_10For our next adventure we took a boat to the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich (that’s pronounced GREN-ITCH), that I’m sure was lovely and had great sights but made me very motion sick (good times).  The National Maritime Museum Library was opened in 1937 and named Rudyard Kipling, the author or the Jungle Book in the same year.

When we arrived we were shown a variety of items from the collection that the librarians had pulled for us to view.  Including naval rank certifications, a ticket to Admiral Nelson’s funeral and items regarding Captain Matthew Webb, who was the first person to swim the English Channel.

The second part of our tour was to see the actual archival stores that are well guarded and climate controlled.  In the stores, which are on movable shelves to degree the amount of movement the books have to do, there are naval records, atlas’s that are not completely accurate anymore but still relevant or research and many magazines and periodicals.

They have such a variety of materials that digitization of the collection is especially important, but funding is always an issue.  So choosing which materials to digitize is especially important.

This is such a specialized library and it was so nice to see the care that goes into the naval and maritime collections they hold.


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