Beatrix Potter and Her Amazing Talent


After mini break we had the option to view the Beatrix Potter archive at Blythe House, and it was without a doubt amazing, even if I was exhausted from travelling the day before.  While this collection is essentially off sight, it is part of the V&A Museums Library’s collection.

While I know Peter Rabbit from how popular it is and working in a bookstore, I knew very little about Beatrix Potter herself.  It was interesting to see her early artwork, that is impressive as is, but that it was made by a child is even more of a feat.  Beatrix Potter had an interesting affinity with animals, while she loved them, she also had an issue with being curious about the inner mechanisms of them as well, so she would boil and dissect a variety of animals.

Even with this slightly disturbing fact it is undeniable that she was a great painter and writer.  Her life was especially interesting to me because she married very late in life, for that time period, therefore she lived with her parents until she married.  After she married, her writing became very limited and she didn’t publish any works.

It was a very interesting collection to see and a great experience that may never happen again.



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