1,000 Year Old Scrolls and Ancient Flags

British Library Conservation Centre

Our next site was back at the British Library, there we got a behind


Work Place

the scenes look at the Conservation Centre.  In relationship to the library, the conservation center is very new, just under a decade old.

This was such a great site to see, because we got to see first hand what this team is working on and they explained the steps they were taking on each project.  One in particular was the flag that they were in the process of restoring and conserving.  The flag was so deteriorated that essentially just the emblems and threads were left of it.  Yet they were painstakingly trying to restore it, and spending hundreds of hours, because it was one of only a few left of its kind.


Learning about Binding books

We went to four different stations and at each one we learned a different type of conservation, from material conservation, digitization, binding and scroll work.

The work of preserving the scrolls were especially interesting, because they are around 1,000 years old and the found in the Gobi Desert, that was the scene for Genghis Khan’s last battle.


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